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Nashville Junk Removal & Hauling Services

Serving Nashville TN and the Surrounding Areas

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Nashville Junk Removal & Hauling Services

Serving Nashville TN and the Surrounding Areas

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Why Choose Professional Junk Removal Services in Nashville?

Safety and Convenience: NO MORE heavy Lifting!

There are a few things that commonly make the top of your to-do list, and junk removal likely isn’t one of them. We all have busy lives, and why would you want to deal with heavy furniture or a big pile of things you don’t use anymore. This is where our professional Nashville junk removal services come to the rescue. We handle ALL of the heavy lifting so you can relax.

Responsible Disposal and Recycling

With our professional junk removal team, you don’t have to worry at all about where your junk will end up. We’ve got you covered. At In and Out Services, we’re dedicated to environmentally friendly disposal of unwanted items and recycle whenever possible.

The Need for Junk Removal in Nashville, TN

Junk removal in Nashville, TN continues to become more and more popular each year. Why’s that? It’s pretty simple. Our city just keeps growing, and with more people comes more stuff. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we have more space to put everything though. Our handy team of junk hauling professionals will help you clear the clutter and make room for the things that matter.

What Our Customers Say

Our Nashville Junk Removal and Junk Hauling Services

residential junk removal in Nashville TN

Residential Junk Removal

Removal of household items like furniture, appliances, electronics, and other general sources of clutter from your home.

Residential junk removal in Nashville is a vital service for any home owner that wants to reclaim their living spaces from clutter and unwated items. 


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commercial junk removal in Nashville

Commercial Junk Removal

Clearing out commercial properties like office spaces, retail stores, and other businesses of unwanted items and debris.

Commercial junk removal in Nashville is a valuable service for many businesses here in Music City. By outsourcing junk removal, your business can continue to focus on it’s core operation while maintaining a safe and organized workspace.


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estate cleanouts nashville tn

Estate Cleanout Services

Removal of items from residential or commercial estates often during an estate sale or transitions of estate ownership.

Estate cleanout services in Nashville offer a helping hand in some often emotional and complex situations, like moving, downsizing, or dealing with the belongings of a passed loved one. We’ll help lighten the load and let you concentrate on the personal aspects of the estate.


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construction debris removal Nashville TN

Construction Debris Removal

Disposing of unwanted construction waste and debris including raw or made materials like drywall, lumber, and concrete.

Construction debris removal in Nashville is almost always needed because construction projects can be really messy. At In and Out Services, we recognized the importance of being dependable and efficient in the process.


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appliance removal nashville tn

Appliance Removal

Removal and proper disposal of old appliances and other electronic equipment like refrigerators, dishwashers TVs, and computers.

Appliance removal in Nashville is an inevitable need. When it’s time to say goodbye to your old and heavy appliances, we’ve got you covered. We’re committed to eco-friendly practices for removing these devices, and will swiftly remove them from your home.

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furniture removal Nashville tn

Furniture Removal

Disposal of your old and unwanted furniture items that just don’t fit anymore like couches, tables, chairs, old bookcases, and more.

We make furniture removal in Nashville easy. Our experienced team will handle all of the heavy lifting to make the process hassle-free for you. In fact, you can just point us in the right direction and sit on your new couch while we take care of the old one. 


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mattress removal Nashville TN

Mattress Removal

Responsible removal and disposal of your old bed fittings and, more importantly, your box springs and mattress.

Our mattress removal service in Nashville continues to impress with our streamlined process. We prioritize eco-friendly mattress removal solutions that ensure your old mattress is handled with care.


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storage unit cleanouts nashville TN

Storage Unit Cleanouts

Clearing out old storage units that have accumulated excess items and belongings as well as responsibly disposing of these items.

Storage unit cleanouts in Nashville become necessary as old storage units often accumulate forgotten items and grow to leave a small bit of room for what actually matters. In and Out Services is the eco-conscious team for the job when you’ve got too much clutter in your storage unit.


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The Best Price on "Junk Removal Near Me"

The price of our junk removal services in Nashville can vary depending on the extent of the junk being removed. Check out our price guide to get a great idea of what your junk removal project might run you. Alternatively, just fill out our contact form or call for a FREE same-day estimate.

Junk Removal FAQ

What type of junk do you remove in Nashville?

We can handle a wide range of items including, but not limited to, furniture, appliances, electronics, general household clutter, yard waste, construction debris, and storage unit waste. If you’re not sure whether our team handles your specific item, just get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Where do you provide your junk removal services?

At In and Out Services, we proudly serve the entire Nashville area including downtown, East Nashville, West end, and the surrounding neighborhoods. Regardless of where you are in the city, our team will come out to service you.


Additionally, we also cover a radius around Nashville including Brentwood, Franklin, La Vergne, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Antioch, and many more! 

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. Our professional junk removal team is fully licensed and insured meaning that you can keep your peace of mind in knowing that you’re working with reputable and responsible junk removal professionals.

FREE Same-Day Estimate

FREE Same-Day Estimate